All About Prostate Cancer: The Basics

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Introduction to Prostate Cancer and Primary Treatment Options

Includes a discussion on treatment options, from active surveillance to radiation therapy.

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Let’s Talk Prostate: Video Series

Eight videos to help you understand the prostate cancer journey, from symptoms to post-treatment health care.

Prostate Cancer: Understand the Disease and Its Treatment

This book provides a simple, concise, practical guide to help patients and their loved ones understand prostate cancer.

Reef Knot Kits

Includes free books and resources about prostate cancer to help you make informed decisions about your treatment options.

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Ask a Radiation Oncologist and Urologist

Answers to common questions asked by prostate cancer patients and their loved ones.

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New diagnosis: How do you choose a treatment? (French video)

A urologist discusses how a treatment is selected after a prostate cancer diagnosis.

Tom is dealing with prostate cancer. What would you do in his place?

Videos and interactive resources to help you navigate your prostate cancer journey.

Managing Hormonal Treatment Side Effects

Hormone Therapy Guide for Men Affected by Prostate Cancer

Learn about hormone therapies plus tips for managing side effects of treatment and self-care.

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Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT) Educational Program

A 1.5-hour session to prepare you for ADT side effects and how to manage them.

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Expert Opinion: Prostate Cancer and Hormone Therapy

A series of videos providing information on hormone therapy and how to prepare for treatment.

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Recognition & Management of Treatment Related Side Effects of ADT*

A group education session on how ADT works and managing side effects.

*ADT: androgen deprivation therapy

Sexual Health and Intimacy

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Managing the Impact of Prostate Cancer Treatments on Sexual Function and Intimacy

Information and advice from a sexual health clinician.

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Sexual Dysfunction Post Prostate Cancer

Learn from a urologist about sexual dysfunction, what you can do, and how to talk to your partner.

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Maintaining Intimacy in Partnerships Affected by Prostate Cancer

Ways to help improve sexual health and intimacy after a prostate cancer diagnosis.

Sex and Intimacy after Prostate Cancer

A website and community to empower sexual recovery following prostate cancer.

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Prostate Cancer and Sexuality (French video)

A webinar discussing sex life after prostate cancer treatment and how to get your sexuality back.

Side Effects: Sexual Disorders (English and French website)

Learn about sexual function, the impact of erectile dysfunction, and ways to improve your sex life.

Healthy Lifestyle: Diet and Exercise

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Exercise for Prostate Cancer Patients

A clinical exercise physiologist discusses physical activity and how it may help reduce treatment side effects.

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Nutrition for Prostate Cancer Patients

A registered dietitian discusses nutrition for prostate cancer patients and how diet may impact treatment symptoms.

Butts in Motion Group Fitness

This website hosts in-person and online group fitness activities to help improve quality of life for men with prostate cancer.

Social Support & Mental Health: You Are Not Alone!

Prostate Cancer Support Groups

Find a support group near you (or virtually) to share experiences about living with prostate cancer. One-on-one support options are available too.

Partners in Prostate Virtual Meetings

Does your partner have prostate cancer? Share your experience, questions and concerns with a virtual support group.

Peer-to-Peer in Quebec (English and French website)

Talk to someone who has already gone through a similar experience using this confidential telephone support service.

Procure Phone and Online Chat (English and French website)

Uro-oncology nurses are only a phone call away! Ask them any questions you have about prostate cancer care.

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Managing Anxiety and Difficult Emotions

A psychological oncologist explains mindfulness and how it may help you cope with your emotions.

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Depression and Prostate Cancer

A discussion on depression and prostate cancer including ways to help manage its symptoms.

Impact on You (English and French website)

Learn about the psychological impact that prostate cancer may have, who can help, and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Advanced Prostate Cancer

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Management of Metastatic Prostate Cancer

Learn about metastatic prostate cancer and treatment options available for this stage of the disease.

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How to Treat Advanced Prostate Cancer (English with French content)

A uro-oncologist presents information on advanced prostate cancer and its treatment options.

A Guide for Men with Advanced Prostate Cancer and Their Caregivers

A brochure about common advanced prostate cancer issues and tips to manage them.